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Best season to buy linen

In the photo – linen bedding set in emerald color



Days are getting shorter. September brings us bright colors, and by November, snow is almost there. Autumn is not a reason for sadness, especially if your home is a warm and cozy place where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Linen textiles are a wonderful way to make a room suitable for a good rest at any time of the year. Linen bedding, cozy quilted bedspread and stylish linen curtains will make your space a unique place of peace and comfort. Let it rain outside the window, you enjoy comfort and beauty of natural fabric in your own apartment.

Those who prefer warm autumn shades in the interior will surely like our bedding sets of Mustard and Dark Orange colors. And if you are already missing the summer, you will certainly appreciate the Emerald Green color of Linen Texture bedding from our new products.

Любителям теплых осенних оттенков в интерьере наверняка приглянутся наши комплекты желто-горчичного и кирпичного цветов. А если вы уже скучаете по лету, то вы оцените изумрудный и морской синий, глубокие цвета постельного белья LinenTexture из наших новинок!


Best for autumn

Linen bedding set in Dark Orange color
Linen bedding set in Mustard color
Quilted bedspread
Linen bedding set in Emerald Green color


Natural fabric is not for winter? Quite the opposite! Despite the fact that linen is considered to be a very light material, it contributes to the natural thermoregulation of the human body. In the cold seasons, linen warms you, and in the summer - it gives coolness.

Another great feature of linen fabric is antistatic. Clothing and bedding do not accumulate static electricity, which is especially convenient in the cold months, when we wear several layers of clothing.

By the way, linen pajamas are also great for winter. It’s very comfortable to sleep and walk around the house in pajamas or a kimono robe.

A rich palette of Linen Texture colors will help you to make a real warm winter in the bedroom: soft snowdrifts of pillows and blankets help to relax.


Best for winter:

Black linen homewear set color
Linen bedding set in Light Blue color
Linen bedding set in Gray Blue color


This season is often associated with allergies. Did you know that linen fabric hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritation and itching? Only natural silk has similar characteristics. Choosing linen bedding and clothing you can be sure that this material is safe for you and your family.

Spring is a nice time for a picnic or breakfast on the outdoor terrace. Our linen tablecloths and napkins will create a festive atmosphere at your table!

We hope you like the delicate spring shades of the Linen Texture collection.


Best for spring:

Linen bedding set in Dusty Rose color
Linen bedding set in Green color
Linen tablecloth in Emerald green color
Linen napkins


In the hot season one always wants freshness. Natural fabrics are a must have for summer. In linen clothing your body will breathe, so even on the hottest days you will feel comfort and freshness. In addition, linen fabric is 5 times stronger than cotton, which means you can wear linen clothes doing sports (for example, yoga of jogging) and long walks. Linen trousers are perfect for summer - it is convenient and very stylish.

Sleeping on linen is very pleasant, even if it becomes stuffy in the morning. Linen supports body’s natural heat regulation, which means it promotes healthy sleep.


Best for summer:
Linen pajama in Mustard
Linen Jacket in oatmeal color 
Linen set in Beige color
Linen bedding set in Green color


So, you can buy linen at any time of the year. It is a very versatile material that has a lot of useful characteristics. Linen will warm you in the cold and cool you in the hot seasons. It never causes allergies and always looks stylish and gorgeous.

We will be happy to help you with the choice on linen set that you dreamed about! We are always on touch and happy to hear from you!

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