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Fabrics care quide

Wash temperatures should be at 40°C, but for stubborn stains, temperatures can be raised to 60°C
Use a neutral or mild detergent that does not contain any bleaching agents such as chlorine or peroxide.
Bleaches are great for white fabric, but do not use them for other colors, or else your linen would get discolored or spotted.

Do not manually wring out. Spin drier at a speed not exceeding 600 rpm.

Do not wring out linen before drying. Make sure your linen articles are slightly damp before ironing.
Over-dried items restore their natural moisture content after re-absorbing moisture from the air.

Remove your linens from the dryer promptly while still damp to reduce wrinkles.
The temperature of the iron should not be more than 150 ℃.
Store in a place protected from sunlight.

Application for custom size

(for all types of products, except clothing)
Order tailoring in your sizes without any extra charges for customization. We ship orders within 1 week.