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About brand

Linen Texture is European brand of linen textiles and home clothes founded in 2017 by a couple Marina and Ivan.

We create textiles from 100% flax grown in Europe and soften the cloth using a special technology that makes the fabric soft and pleasant to touch. The finished products never shrink or lose their color in the wash. Our collection includes bedding sets, textiles for the kitchen and bathroom, curtains, home accessories, and universal clothing. We carefully choose all the colors. Our own production situated in Vilnius, Lithuania offers us an opportunity to control all the stages of manufacturing and that lets us be flexible in relation to customers.

We create individual-sized textiles and deliver them worldwide. We are proud to be friends with our clients and do everything to make a cooperation with Linen Texture comfortable for our customers.

Linen cloth is a magic that can be touched. Linen fabric warms you in the cold and lowers body temperature in summer. Linen is a hygroscopic and eco-friendly fabric that has antibacterial properties. It takes much less water to grow flax than cotton.

At Linen Texture, we believe that home should be a place of power. Our goal is to help the customers create an atmosphere of coziness, comfort, and relaxation in their homes. We strictly monitor the quality and price of our products and create each new product as if for ourselves. Linen Texture strives to make natural, ecofriendly and beautiful linen textiles affordable to everyone.

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