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Wash and Care for Linen


If you are a happy owner of new linen textiles, here are some recommendations on how to keep your linens beautiful and durable for years. It is easy!

1. Machine or hand gentle wash
Many websites on the Internet say that hand wash is preferable for linen fabric. It is one of the widespread misconceptions. Besides, it may be hard to wash bed linen and curtains by hand. In fact, machine wash and dry is perfect for softened linens. All you need is to choose the gentle machine cycle: delicate, at a temperature not higher than 40 C (104 F).

2. Do not bleach

Aggressive detergents can damage the construction of the fabric and cause discoloration.

3. Wash different colors separately

Our linens and clothes are stonewashed so they do not lose color in the wash (as well as they do not shrink). Still white, dark and colored linens should be washed separately from each other.

4. Liquid detergent is preferable

It is better to choose a liquid detergent for natural or delicate fabrics. If you use washing powder in hand wash, dissolve it in water first.

5. Dry flat or in machine

When wet, linen fabric becomes highly susceptible to mechanical stress, so it is better to wash it without wringing and do not wrinkle it with your hands. We recommend using a machine dry for stonewashed linens, after which the fabric becomes very soft and pleasant. Make sure to use a delicate cycle.

6. Iron wet

Stonewashed linen has a beautiful “wrinkled” appearance and looks aesthetically without ironing. Still if you prefer to iron the linens, remove it from the dryer machine when they are slightly damp - this way you can iron the fabric easier and faster. Don’t worry if you didn’t make it on time and the linens dried out completely. Spray it with  cool water from a spray or lay a damp towel on the fabric.

Here is a brief instruction. You can take a screenshot and save it on your device.

  • Machine or hand wash (gentle cycle)
  • Lukewarm water 30-40 C (86-104 F)
  • Mild laundry detergent with no bleach
  • Machine gentle dry or dry flat (Do not wring)
  • Iron (if needed) using the medium-hot iron with steam

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