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Minimalism: inspiration and freedom

Have you ever noticed a feeling that life is going too fast? Urgent tasks, deadlines, clients, always being too busy… Sometimes one wants to slow down and feel the calm flow of life. To take the time for important people. To watch the beauty of the surroundings. To become concordant to the harmony of nature.

There are so many things and events around that need to be paid attention to. How can we hear ourselves and understand what we really want, if there is always a stream of information noise around us?

The Linen Texture team gets inspired by minimalistic aesthetics and shares the philosophy of minimalism. That is why:

Minimalism means making room for creativity.

We believe that a house must be a place of power that gives energy and helps to renew creative forces. The first thing to do to achieve that goal is to remove visual noise. Get rid of unnecessary things - sell, donate, or recycle. Search for the things in your apartment  that are kept only because it's a pity to get rid of them. Ugly figurines received as a gift ten years ago can be taken to a flea market. Clothes you don't wear for years can be sold or donated. Books that you definitely won't open can find their readers in libraries and bookcrossing centers. Getting rid of all the excess staff can help to make your apartment more comfortable and beautiful.

Minimalism means experiencing real freedom.

Practicing minimalism means to free yourself from old grudges and uncomfortable relations. For example, to stop following people you don't like on social media. To listen to yourself, to the voice of your heart - what does it really want?

Being a minimalist means pursuing your dream.

Life is a story about you. It is always a good time to think about your dreams. Stay curious by asking yourself difficult questions and finding your own answers to them. For example, why do you need this particular thing/ habit/ work/…? Does it make you happy? If not, what would work instead?

Minimalism means living in the moment.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We can learn to see beauty in simple things. To appreciate the quality products. To make decisions carefully and thoughtfully, to act according to the inner truth. To allow ourselves to feel alive in the moment.

And, of course, minimalism is aesthetics.

Eco-friendly fabrics and durable things that will last for many years. The beauty of simple details and a light, clean space for work and creativity. Joy from the perception of beauty.

The true home is the place where you can rest, where you feel safe and comfortable. The words that warm your heart and strengthen the bond between you and the loved ones. Actions filled with meaning, for the benefit of yourself and the world.

Minimalism is about you.


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