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Linen Christmas table



How to create a festive atmosphere for your dinner party.

December is just around the corner, as well as the most beautiful holiday of the year! If you adore the Christmas atmosphere as much as we do, you have probably been thinking about hosting a party to celebrate this special moment with friends and family. There is a list of ideas for the elegant Christmas table.


Green is one of the traditional Christmas colors. There are 4 different green shades in the Linen Texture palette. You can choose between Green, Emerald, Olive and Sage colors - all of them are the beautiful pastel shades. Add a light gray, beige or white runner for the centerpiece. Eucalyptus springs and tangerines can become perfect subtle decorations.

Mustard, dusty rose or dark orange napkins are a great way to compliment your tableware. Tie the napkins with a ribbon or a lace. You can add a small card with the name of the invitee under the ribbon.

Any color will do for the tableware, but if you are using dark or vivid colored tablecloths, white plates would always be the best decision. Candles will also help to create a festive atmosphere. By the way, you can arrange four candles in a traditional Christmas wreath.


A white tablecloth looks gorgeous on a Christmas table. Imagine: white tableware and silver cutlery, glass goblets, light linen napkins decorated with pine sprigs. Candles, garland or fir cones can be placed in the center of the table. To make the classic look more original add colored candlesticks with long white candles. 


Dusty blue tablecloth in combination with light runner and napkins looks bold and cozy - perfect for an informal party. Stonewashed linen fabric has a signature wrinkled look. It is aesthetically beautiful without ironing.

In this picture we use the plates to match the tablecloth and the napkin that matches the color on each plate. Decorate napkins with traditional gingerbread cookies to evoke your guests smile. This cute detail is sure to please your friends!

To entertain the guests you can play a small game: before entering the room, the guest should take a cookie from a basket with his eyes closed. And then take the place indicated by cookies of the same shape!

If the table is large enough, place a vase with a sprig of pine sprigs on it. Several large candles in a contrasting color will be a great way to complement the look.


If you are the owner of a large beautiful wooden table, you can use no tablecloth at all. All you need is a linen runner lengthwise down the center of the table. Eco-style decorations such as cones and small spruce branches will look harmonious on the wooden table.

Let's decorate the candles: pour coarse salt into an ordinary glass jar and put a candle on top. On the outside we decorate the jar with a lace. The original and safe decor is ready!


The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the beauty of the moment! We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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