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Linen Clothing

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Linen Clothing

Soft linen clothing is beautiful, comfy, and eco-friendly. If you are new to linen apparel, you should try it. We are sure that stone washed linen clothes will become your favorite!

Softened linen flax clothing is very pleasant to the touch. The special “crushed” texture looks elegant and noble. We create minimalistic clothing that can be worn for any occasion and easily combined with other clothes.

Using 100% linen for clothes has many advantages: the stonewashed linen fabric does not cause allergies, prick, electrify, shrink or lose color in the wash. Linen clothing is durable and looks beautiful years later.

Flax is a natural antiseptic which means your linen wear will remain clean longer. It easily wicks moisture and dries out quickly, keeping your body fresh and comfortable. In summer natural flax keeps the body cool, and it warms you up in winter.

100% linen is an eco–friendly material. The products last a long time and do not harm the soil after disposal.

Linen Texture is a manufacturer from Lithuania. In our online store, you can buy linen clothes, 100% flax accessories, bedding sets, curtains, bath and table linens. All products are handmade with love and care. Custom orders are available: for example, you can choose a different color for your clothing to be unique. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about custom orders.


In our online store you can find European linen clothing:

  • Dresses and shirts
  • Men's and women's trousers and shorts
  • Pajamas and T-shirts
  • Home sets and bathrobes
  • Longsleeves and jackets


We offer worldwide shipping. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions!

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